Replacement of K514 Optical Swim Goggle #51495

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  • High quality pre-made step diopter optical lenses with UV protection, available in 13 corrective diopters: -0.0/-1.5/ -2.0/ -2.5/ -3.0/ -3.5/ -4.0/ -4.5/ -5.0/ -5.5/ -6.0/ -7.0/ -8.0 for short-sighted swimmers.
  • Shatter-resistant tinted corrective lenses with anti-fog coating and UV protection: You can see clearly underwater and enjoy swimming as long as you want while swimming for training and recreation.
  • Flexible one-piece silicone frame is easy to wear and provides an ideal fit for a variety of faces. Super soft liquid silicone seals for maximum comfort and nice fitting around the eyes for a more pleasing swim. They won't leave “goggle marks” on your face so easily like traditional swim goggles.
  • Double silicone head strap with fast adjusting back clip for easy adjustment: The chlorine proof silicone head strap is easily adjustable and holds the goggle in place. Also easily fit any head size and won’t pull your hair.
  • Handy protective storage case included: you can keep the goggle from dust and scratches after use in order to enhance the life of your goggles and also to transport your goggles easily.

The KONA81 K514 Optical Swim Goggle is available with the negative strength lenses to make a wearer see better when swimming. The silicon frame and gaskets to offer a thorough seal around each eye to keep the water access restricted, and the flexible nose bridge of the K514 Goggle contracts and expands, self-adjusting to each individual's unique facial structure. Mirrored coated lenses equipped with anti-fog coating and UV protection eliminate sunlight and glare and enhance your viewing potential. What’s more, is that the glasses feature easily adjustable straps so you can make the goggles feel snug on your face and head. The chlorine proof silicone head strap is easily adjustable to fit comfortably to your head and holds the goggle in place. Simply pull each ends of the strap to tighten, or pull away the back clip to loosen. State of the art, anti-fog treatment keeps the vision crystal clear for hours of swimming enjoyment.